Is it possiable to network a XP and 98 computer?

Short answer – yes, it is.

Virtual memory low? What should I do when I get that message?

First of all try closing some unwanted applications, and see if that helps. The message is displayed when there is no sufficient memory on the PC or the virtual memory settings are not set high enough.

The best option in most cases is to let the operating systems manage the size of your virtual memory.

If you have Windows XP on your machine you can check if that is the case:
Start -> Control Panle -> System -> Advanced -> Performance -> Settings -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory -> Change —-> make sure that the “System managed size” option is selected

How do I play mp4 video file?

The fastest way is to download the VLC (previously Video Lan) player from the link below:

install it, and play your .mp4 video file.

What’s the best way to defrag a hard drive?

To get most out of defragmenting your hard drive:

- empty your recycle bin
- delete the temporary internet files
- run a registry clean

and only then defragment the hard drive. All versions of Windows have defragmenting tools, to open the disk defragmenter in Windows XP go to:

Start –> Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Defragmenter

Select the drive you want and click the Defrag button.

What is my IP? What is my IP address?

The easiest way to determine your ip address is to visit this site:


What is ZIP drive? Is it different from a floppy drive?

Although a zip drive looks like a floppy drive it can store much more data, the reason being is that Zip drives have higher quality magnetic coating and smaller head than the floppy drives.

What is the difference between SDRAM and DDRAM?

SDRAM stands for Synchronous Data Random Access Memory. It synchronises to the pc bus speed.

DDR SDRAM is Double Data RAte Synchronous Data Random Access Memory. DDR SDRAM can be accessed by the system on both the upside & downside of a clock cycle. Standard SDRAM can only be accessed on the upside of a clock cycle. The 2 types of RAM are not compatible, your system will use one or the other.


How do I install more ram in my pc?

If you have open slot then you can put another memory stick, I would recommend always using identical memory sticks (from the same manufacturer) – that way you can avoid running into problems.

To ‘install’ the new memory simply switch your PC off, unplug it, open the box, and insert the memory stick into the memory slot. Close the PC, start it, and you’re done.

Computer wont keep time?! What can that be?

You need to replace your motherboard’s battery – that will sove your problem.


How do I clean the monitor on my laptop?

If your screen is merely dusty take a soft cloth and simply wipe it, otherwise use soft cloth with a little bit of warm water – wipe the screen form one side to the other starting a new row each time.

Alternatively you can go to a computer shop and buy a product that will essentially do the same job ;)


I have 2 hard drives, is it possible to reformat just one and not the other?

Yes, of course. If your drives are named C and D, and Windows is installed on your C drive then you can format your D drive from Windows -> right click the D drive in Windows Explorer and choose format from the pop-up menu.

If Windows is installed on the same drive that you wish to format then you have to do that from a DOS prompt -> type format C: (of C is the drive) and press ENTER.

WARNING – formatting a hard drive will delete all your files and programs!!!!

Hope that helps

Optical or Laser mouse?

Optical mouse will do just fine for most of your needs, if you need a mouse with extremely high precision though (e.g. if you an architect, graphic designer etc) only then you should consider buying the more expensive laser mouse.

Computer keeps shutting off randomly

This can be hardware (most likely) or software related. To make sure reboot your computer in safe mode and see if the problem persists. If it does you can be 99% sure that you have bad ardware. Try the following steps to resolve the problem:

Check your power supply – it is the most likely culprit, if you power supply is bad you’ll have to replace it.

Faulty video card – remove your video card and see if your computer shuts off again. If it doesn’t then your video card is faulty. Try downloading the latest drivers and see if that fixes it, otherwise replace it.

Cpu overheating – clean your CPU fan, and check if it works properly, if it doesn’t then simply replace it.

Bad RAM – if you have two (or more) RAM chips in your PC remove them one by one and see if the problem persists. IF your RAM is bad you’ll have to buy a new one.

Spyware, viruses – update your anti-virus software and run complete check on your PC, download Spybot – Search & Destroy and check your computer for spyware.

Hope that helps