Every once in a while my computer completely stops responding to input!?

You most probably have too many programs running on your machine. Try uninstalling all the programs that you don’t need any more, remove the programs that start every time Windows starts: Start -> Run, type msconfig and press “OK” -> click on the “Start-up” tab and un-check the programs that you don’t want to start every time you boot up.

Sometimes Norton and Mcafee slow the system down too. You should consider un-installing them and installing anti-virus that doesn’t use so much resources.

Try defragmenting your hard drive(s):
Start -> All programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter

If you’re running Windows XP right click on “My Computer” -> Properties -> Advanced -> Adjust for best performance.

What is 51×32×52 on my CD-writer?

51×32×52 refers to the speed of your cd-writer:
52 – the maximum record speed, 32 – the maximum re-write speed.

What is virtual memory?

When there are many programs running and your RAM is not sufficient enough the computer copies areas of the RAM to the hard drive in order to free some memory. The “place” on the hard drive where these copies are stored is called page file. This whole concept of swapping data between the hard drive and the RAM is known as virtual memory.

What is Mozilla FIrefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a browser, quite a good alternative to Internet Explorer since it supports multitab browsing and has less security issues. You can download the latest version here:


What are Cc and Bcc when sending email?

What are Cc and Bcc when sending email?

CC stands for “carbon copy”. If you want to send exactly the same email to more than one person you can use the CC field. The email will be send to the email address in the “To:” field and the email address(es) in the CC field. If you want to enter more than one emails in the CC field use commas to separate them.

When sending the same emails using the “To:” and “CC” fields every recipient can see the email addresses that the message has been sent to.

When using the “BCC:” field again the email is sent to all the email addresses in that field and the email in the “To:” field but only the latter is visible to everybody. BCC stands for “blind carbon copy”.

How many songs can I save on my 512 MB mp3 player?

Assuming an average size of 4 Mb per mp3 file you should be able to store 120+ songs. If the songs are of higher quality though, longer than the average, and stored in a different (than mp3, say wma) format your mp3 player will hold less of them.

Where is the phone dialer in XP?

Click the Start button
from the Start menu click Run
type: dialer.exe and press enter

How do I prevent a neighbour from stealing my Wireless connection?

Secure your wireless router – most routers use a default password which can be easily guesses – like “password” for example. As soon as you set up your router you should change the password to something else. I suggest you use random letters and numbers say “asi8a7gahhg” or something similar, and write it down so you don’t forget it yourself.

Disable remote administration – most likely your wireless router has that feature and if you don’t use it you should turn it off.

Disable broadcasting of your SSID (Service Set IDentifier).

Enable WPA encryption. If your router (or any wireless device) supports only WEP and not WPA encryption you should enable it, although somewhat weaker than WPA it is still better than no encryption at all.

Minimize signal broadcasting – some wireless devices will let you reduce the strength of their signal, if the one you have is not one of them you should position it (if possible) somewhere in the center of your house (premises) – that way less of the signal will be broadcasted outside.

What’s a firewall?

It is hardware or software which protects a private network or a single computer. What basically does is it limits the access to or from that network resulting in greater security.

How do I change the homepage in Iternet Explorer?

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 this is what you do:
Open the website you want to use as your homepage, then click Tools -> Internet Options from your browser menu, where you see Home Page click the “Use Current” button and then click “OK”.

How do I use a jump drive?

Jump drive is a plug-and-play device, if you have Windows XP you can simply plug it into your USB port and start using it straight away. As soon as it is plugged you can access it trough My Computer or Windows Explorer just like any other drive.

What is an iso file?

ISO file is an image file that contains the whole data from a disk (CD ROM, DVD ROM, or hard drive).

How do I stop my computer from beeping? My computer keeps beeping every time there is an error.

There is a small speaker inside your box – you can remove it or unplug the little cable that is plugged in. Although this may sound a bit drastic I still think it is the best way to deal with the annoying beeping problem.

If you don’t want to go that route this is what you should do:
Open Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> click the Sounds tab -> from the drop-down menu of Sounds Scheme choose No Sounds.

What is the difference between PCI and AGP graphics card?

The AGP video cards are generally a lot faster than the PCI video cards, which is partially due to the fact that the AGP bus is more advanced than the PCI.

How can I change my mouse cursor?

In Windows XP you can change the shape of the mouse pointer (also called cursor). Open Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointers and coose scheme from the drop-down menu.

How do I turn off autorun?

Double click My Computer -> then right click on your CD ROM drive -> Select Properties -> Click the AutoPlay Tab -> Check “Select an action to perform” it it isn’t checked and then choose “Take no action”.

What is a proxy?

Proxy is a server placed between a user’s machine and the Internet. It can act as a firewall to provide protection and as a cache area to speed up Web page display.

How do I fix a mouse? My mouse stopped scrolling, how can I fix it?

If your mouse is connected to a usb port, unplug it, plug it back in and see it this fixes the problem. If you have ps2 mouse then you have to reboot. If nether of these fixes the mouse, you can take a look at it and see if there’s no dust or anything else underneath (laser mice) or open it, and clean it (older models).

What is the difference between a Celeron processor and a Pentium processor?

The Celeron processor is cheaper than Pentium processor but it is slower too.

How do I add a program to the Startup folder?

If you want a program to startup automatically when Windows starts you can add it to the Startup folder. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

Using Windows Explorer or MyComputer navigate until you find the program, right click on it and click on “Create Shortcut”.

Go to Start -> All Programs -> StartUP and right click on it -> choose “Open”.

Now drag the shortcut of the program (from your Windows Explorer or MyComputer) to the Startup folder and you are done.

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