Can I record more than 70 minutes of audio on a cd?

On a standard CD-R you can record 74 minutes of audio or 650 MB of data, if for some reason you need to store more simply buy 80 minutes audio disks, they are widely availible too.

There are unused icons on your desktop. How do I get rid of that message?

To get rid of the balloon tip that says “There are unused icons on your desktop” right click on your desktop -> Properties -> click the “Desktop” tab -> Customize Desktop -> uncheck “Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days”€ which can be found under the “General” tab.

What is the best way to clean dust from inside my computer?

The best way is to buy air cans and use them.

Do not use vacuum cleaners or anything else that can create static electricity.

My hard drive makes loud noise, should I be concerned?

Yes, you should, I suggest you back up all your important data right now, in many cases loud noise means that your hard drive is about to crash. Of course it may well last another year but better be safe than sorry.

What is the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R?

DVD+R is a dvd disc that allows multiple layers for one disc where as DVD- only allows one layer. DVD+R can allow extra capacity per disc than DVD-R which explains the higher cost.

My speakers are not working on a new computer i am setting up? The speakers work for the old computer?

Make sure that your sound card drivers are installed, most likely you have a “on-board” sound card, try installing the drivers from the CD that came with your motherboard or downloading them form the manufacturer website.

To install/update your sound drivers (for Windows XP) right click on “MyComputer” -> Properties -> click the “Hardware” tab -> click the “Device Manager” button -> expand “Sound video and Game controllers”, right click on your Sound Card and click “Update Driver” and then use the Wizard.

Once you have your drivers installed but your speakers are still not working double click on the speaker icon (bottom right on your screen, next to your computer clock) – if any of the “Mute” boxes is checked, uncheck it.

Good luck

No spooler service running? I get this message when trying to install my printer

To turn on your Windows spooler services do the following:

Right-click on MyComputer -> Manage -> expand Services and Application -> click Services -> Locate “Print Spooler” on the right side of the screen and double click on it.

See if service status says “Started”, if it doesn’t click the “Start” button below it. If you want this service to run all the time (recommended) then make sure that “Startup Type” is automatic.

How do I convert xvid to divx?

Here is a tutorial on how to convert xVid to DivX using only free tools:

Good luck

How do I add second hard drive to my computer?

How do I add second hard drive to my computer?

Things you need in order to be able to install a second hard-drive on your computer:

- you need to have an open bay for your new hard drive

- make sure that the ribbon cable can be plugged into your old and new hard drive

- power connector exists for the new hard drive

Installing the second hard drive:

Switch off the PC. Remove your old hard drive and set its jumpers so that it becomes “master”, look on top of the hard drive for the correct way for the jumpers, if you can’t find them there visit your hard drive manufacturer website.

Make your new hard drive “slave” – set the jumpers accordingly.

Insert the hard drives into the drive bays, attach the ribbon cable and the power cable to both of them.

Turn your PC on, once Windows loads, got to Windows Explorer or My Computer and find out if you can “see” the new hard drive. Try copying a few files from your old hard drive to the new one to make sure that everything is ok. If you have problems reboot your PC and go to your BIOS settings, you should see your old hard drive listed as “master” and the new one as “salve”. If the PC hasn’t detected the new hard drive setting correctly you should manually enter them.

What is easiest way to copy information from one hard drive to another? They are on two different computers.

If you need to copy only small file(s) use a flash drive – plug it in, copy the file(s) to it, unplug, plug it in in the second PC and copy the file(s) to your new hard drive. If you don’t have a flash drive you can use your digital camera or mp3 player exactly the same way (unless they are very odd or old model).

If you need to copy a lot of information then you should consider networking the two computers:

Using direct cable connection – you can use crossover cable to connect the two PCs (they both must have network adapters), for more info click the link below:

If you have a router and want to learn how to set a network between the two PCs read this tutorial:

What is the difference between deskjet printer and inkjet printer?

There is no difference. The term deskjet is used by Hewlett Packard for their inkjet printers.

How do I turn on JavaScript in Internet Explorer?

For Internet Explorer 5 or 6:

Open the browser, select Tools -> Internet Options -> Click on the Security tab -> click Custom Level -> Scroll down to Scripting -> Under Active Scripting choose Enable -> Ok -> Ok