What’s the best FTP client?

If you are looking for a free one that does great job you could use filezilla which you can download from here.

Not free but great program with many advanced features and lovely interface is FlashFXP – get it here.

What is the best way to clean a computer keyboard?

To get rid of the dust use comppressed air which you can buy in cans, and to clean the keys you can use damp (almost dry) cloth.

How do I reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows XP.

Insert your Windows XP disk into the CD-ROM and reboot your computer. Once your computer starts booting up you should see a message “press any key to boot up from CD-ROM” – simply press any key on the keyboard.

If you don’t see that message and your computer doesn’t boot up from your CD-ROM but from your hard-drive instead then you should
change the boot-up sequence from your BIOS – reboot your PC and press DEL to enter the BIOS setup screen. Make sure that you specify your CD-ROM as your first boot up device.

Once you manage to boot your PC from your CD-ROM at the “Welcome to Setup” screen press ‘R” to start the recovery console. If you have more than one boot systems, choose the installation that you need to access by pressing 1 for the first one, 2 for the second one and so on. Press Enter then type the admin password and press ENTER again (or simply press ENTER if you haven’t set up administrator password).

You will be taken to a DOS-like screen that says:

or something similar, type format followed by the drive you want to format and press ENTER, so if you want to format your c drive then type:
format c:\
and press ENTER.


Wait until your drive is formatted, then reboot your computer (with the Windows XP disk still in the CD-ROM) and follow the instructions in order to install Windows XP.

How do I switch from single click to double click? I am using Windows XP.

Open Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> Select the General tab.

In the “Click items as follows” section, select one of the following:
- Single-click to open an item (point to select)
- Double-click to open an item (single-click to select)

Click OK.

How do I make IE my default browser?

1.Open Control Panel and double-click Internet Options.
2.Click the Programs tab.
3.Click to select the Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser check box.
4.Click OK.
5.Start Internet Explorer and when you are prompted to make it the default browser, click Yes.

How do I copy something from my email? I want to copy a picture my friend emailed me.

Right click on the image and choose “Save picture as…”, navigate to the folder where you want the image saved, type a name for the image, and click “Save”.

How do I get Get Rid of the Logon Screen in Windows XP?

Click the Start button -> select Run -> type “control userpasswords2″ without the quotes, and click OK.
The turn off the “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” option, and click OK.

Where can I find a list of all the Run commands?

Comprehensive list of the Run commands you can find here:
and here is a smaller list of the most used ones:
(scroll down)

How can I permanently delete a file? How do I delete a file without sending it to the Recycle Bin?

Click on the file name to highlight it, hold down the shift key and press delete, click “OK” to confirm. Caution – the file will be PERMANENTLY deleted and can not be recovered from the Recycle Bin

How do I turn off the Guest account in Windows XP?

Click Start -> Control Panel -> User Accounts -> click Guest -> Turn off the Guest account

I have no wav sound, I’m using Windows XP?

Double click on the speaker icon which yo can find in the bottom right corner of your desktop (rught next to your clock) and make sure that all the “Mute” check boxes are unchecked.

If that doesn’t help reinstall (or install the latest version of) Mictrosoft Windows Media Player:

I need software to burn DVDs!?

Combination of AnyDVD with CloneDVD which you can get from this site should do the trick. If you are looking for free software go with RIpIt4Me which you can download from here

Can I use my digital camera as a web cam?

Some models digital cameras can be used as web cams, please refer to your digital camera manual for instructions on how to do that.

When I add more memory to my computer do I need to install a driver?

No drivers are needed. When your PC is off insert the memory chip into the memory slot, close the box, switch it on, and that’s that.