How do I find out how much space I have on my hard drive?

Open MyComputer or Windows Explorer, right click on the hard drive (usually drive C:), click properties – the disk Free Space is shown (under General tab).

How do I type the degree symbol on the keyboard?

Hold down the Alt key and type 248 on the numeric keypad, then release the Alt key – 2° Celsius.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to maximize a window?

To maximize the current window press Alt+Spacebar then the X key.

What is disk striping?

In computers with more than one disks this is the technique for spreading data over multiple disk drives to improve performance.

What are mht files?

Files with the .mht extension are actually “web archive” files – when a web page is saved as MHT the file embeds all the images and internal links within itself. In contrast if you save the web page as htm or html file it might save the images in separate folders.

How do I pause the task scheduler in WIndows XP?

Click Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks -> click Advanced from the menu and then Pause Task Scheduler.

What is a firewire and how is it used?

For a full definition and detailed info read here.
In everyday terms – it is a port (similar to USB) that can be used to connect various devices (camcorders, printers ect) to a computer.

How do I restart my computer in safe mode? I’m using Windows XP.

In order to restart your computer in safe mode follow these steps.