How to make Windows XP faster

Step one – get rid of all the viruses, spyware, malware, adware which might be running on your computer.

Here is a very simple tutorial on how to remove adware, malware, and spyware.

Now it is time to scan for viruses. Download the free AVG anti-virus, install it, and run a full scan. If you have AVG Anti-Virus already (or other Anti-Virus program) update the database before running the scan.

Step two – Windows updates. Make sure that you have the latest Windows updates installed on your computer. If you have your Windows updates turned off you might want to turn them back on or manually get the latest Windows updates.

Step three – take a look at your Startup programs. Once installed many programs insist on starting every time you boot up your computer. To remove some of them click the Start buttin -> click Run -> type msconfig -> press Enter -> open the Startup tab -> disable the programs that you don’t want to run on Start up.

Step four – uninstall programs you don’t use any longer. In order to do that go to Start -> COntrol Panel -> Add or Remove programs, see what programs you don’t use any more and uninstall them.

Step five – tune up Windows XP for best performance. Start -> Control Panel -> System -> open the Advanced tab -> under Performance click the Settings button -> select Adjust for best preformance.

Step five – be cool! If you are spending considerable time surfing the Net make sure you do that with Firefox or Chrome. This will not speed up Windows XP per se but it will sure make your life better!

How to download videos from Youtube

How to download and play videos from youtube – brief tutorial:

Go to and find the video you want to download, then copy the video url – look on the right side of the webpage:

Go to and paste the video url:

then press “Download” and wait a few seconds. Once the link is processes click the appropriate link to download the video to your computer:

this is the link of the video in high quality.

Once downloaded to your computer you need a player which plays flv files in order to watch the video. One of the really good and free players out there is the VLC player, download it from here:
Get the free VLC video player, install it, and then use it to play the video file you have downloaded from youtube.

How do I shut down my computer via the command prompt?

In Windows XP you can shutdown on restart your computer using the command prompt. To bring up the command prompt:
Start -> Run -> Type cmd and press Enter.
After that type:
to restart
to shut down your computer, and press Enter. You can also add time delay to these commands. For example:
SHUTDOWN -r -t 33
will restart your computer in 33 seconds.

How do I take a screenshot from Windows Medial Player movie?

If you try taking a screenshot from a movie which plays in Windows Media Player using your Print Screen button you’ll most likely end up with a blank image where the movie frame should be. In order to succeed taking a screenshot from Windows Medial Player you should do the following:

1. Open Windows Media player. Click Tools -> Options -> click on the Performance tab -> then click Advanced

2. Make sure that “Use video mixing render” is checked and “Use overlays” is un-checked.

3. Save your options, play the movie with the Media Player, when you see the frame from the video you want to grab press the PrtScrn button.

4. Open Paint or any other image editor, open a new image file (Ctrl+N) then paste the screenshot (Ctrl+V). Save your image.

screenshot from Windows Media Player

What is a favicon? How do I create a favicon for my site?

Favicon, short for favorites icon, is a icon which is displayed in the URL address bar on some web sites. Here is a page that has favicon: Page with favicon

If you have a web page and would like to create a favicon for your site then follow the few simple steps.

1. Create an image 16 by 16 pixels and save it as favicon.ico – you can use Paint or almost any other image editor.

2. Add this line to your head section of your HTML:
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">

3. Upload your html file and that is all there is to it!

How do I turn off Windows Updates?

Under Windows XP this is what you should do to turn off the Automatic Windows Updates:
Sart -> Control Panel -> System -> open the Automatic Updates tab -> check Turn Off Automatic Updates

turn off Automatic WIndows Updates

How to batch rename images

If you want to batch rename images in the same folder then download IrfanView which is a free tool which you can use to batch rename or batch resize images (amongst many other things).

Once you download the program open it, click File -> Batch Conversion\Rename. Navigate to the folder which contains your images, select them, and drag and drop them to the left white pane named Input Files. Select your output directory, then select the Batch rename radio button, click the Set rename options button and change some of the options if you have to. Click OK and click the Start button and you are done!

how to batch rename images

What is jusched.exe?

jusched.exe is a process that belongs to Java, takes care of the Java updates, and is not dangerous. If you still want to get rid of it though please check out this article.