How do I install apps on an iPod touch?

Download iTunes, and create an account, then login to iTunes and authorize your computer and your iPod Touch (go to Store -> Authorize Computer).

Once this step is completed, select iTunes Store from the menu on the left, enter your password, and you can now download applications. If you have a wi-fi access you can visit the App Store directly from your device.

How do I install windows live messenger?

In order to use Windows Live Messenger you need to have Windows Live account, if you don’t have one go to, click Sign in, then Sign up. Alternatively you can go to and create an account there.

Once done, download the Windows Live Messenger from here, double click the installation file and follow the installation wizard.

After that you can use the account you have created in the first step to sign in.

How do I install another operating system on my computer?

If you want to install a second operating system on your hard drive there are a few facts you should be aware of. First of all if you are not too computer savvy I suggest that you back up all your important files before you begin.

Now insert the second operating system install CD into your CD ROM. If this is Windows then when prompted you should choose Install.

Before the installation begins you need to create a new partition (choose NTFS) for the second operating system, unless you already have created second partition.

LEAVE the partition on which your first operating system is INTACT!

Then simply proceed with the installation. Once your second operating system is installed, when you boot up you will be presented with the choice which Operating System you want to boot from.

That’s it, you are done.

How do I install a digital camera to my computer?

The first thing you should try is simply plug it in and see if it gets recognized. If it is then you work with it just like you would work with an external hard drive, you can copy and past images and files, delete file, etc.

If you get a message which says “hard drive not recognized” then you should find the CD that came with the digital camera, insert it into your computer’s CD ROM and install all the necessary software.

If you don’t have the CD then you need to find a driver for your digital camera. Simply search on Google for a driver for you particular digital camera model or visit the manufacturers’s site.

How to back up files from my harddrive?

You have several options:

1. Back up for files to an external hard drive.
1a. Back up your files to online drives (Xdrive), although when downloading them later on you might not be too happy with the download speed.
1b. Burn your files to CDs.
2. You may want to image your entire hard drive too – this way you will keep all your personal settings, all your installed programs, etc.

How can I format a new harddrive from computer that runs Windows Vista?

If you have a computer which runs Windows Vista and you buy a second hard drive you need to format it, please watch this video and carefully follow the steps.

How can I permanently erase information from my harddrive?

If you want to permanently erase information from your hard drive, sending the files to the Recycle bin and then emptying it is simply not enough. Even though the files might eventually be overwritten sector by sector, they could be partially or entirely recovered with specialized software.

If you need to permanently remove files from your computer you can use a free little tool called Eraser which completely removes sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times.

How to make a complete copy of your harddrive including your OS

If you need to make a full copy of your hard drive, including your operating system, and all your personal files and settings than you can use one of the disk imaging software like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.

In fact Acronis True Image offers a free trial which you can use to back up your system and in case of a hard drive failure or other disastrous event, you can recover all your files and programs.

What is a normal temerature for a hard drive?

How do I find what my hard drive temperature is? If you want to find out what your hard drive temperature is you can download a free diagnostic tool named Everest Home Edition.

Once you download and install it, click on the plus sign next to Computer on the left, then double click Sensor.

On the right panel you’ll see your motherboard temperature, CPU(s) temperature, and hard drives(s) temperature.

In most cases your hard drive temperature should be around 32 Celsius (90 Fahrenheit), if it’s a few degrees more then you still have nothing to worry, again please check your hard drive manufacturer’s site for more information.

How to make more space on your harddrive

So, you need more space on your hard drive, right? Well, if you take a few simple steps you finally might have enough space to install that new game you’ve dying to try. Things you should do to free more space on your hard drive:

1. Uninstall programs you don’t use any longer Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the ones you are not using any more.

2. Burn all your personal files on a CD or DVD and delete them from your PC.

3. Do a Disk Cleanup Start ->My Computer, right click on your Disk Drive and select “Properties”, click Disk Cleanup -> then the OK button, wait for a few minutes then Check the box for the files you want to delete.

4. Defragment your Hard drive – Start -> My Computer, right click on your hard rive letter and select “Properties”, under the “Tools” tab, select “Defragment” and proceed.

How do I move a program from my harddrive an external harddrive?

If you want to move a program from your hard drive to an external hard drive your best option is to uninstall the program and then install it on the external hard drive. Make sure to choose custom when prompted for the installation directory and choose you external hard drive folder.

If you try to directly copy all your files from your hard drive to the external hard drive in most cases the program will not function since the registry and other settings will still be pointing to the original hard drive path.

How to recover data from a corrupted external harddrive?

If you want to to recover data from a corrupted external harddrive your best options is taking it to a computer shop and let them recover your precious files. In most cases that will cost you anywhere from $100.00 and up.

Can my computer be monitored when connecting to a network?

Well, the simple answer is yes.

It is possible in almost any network to log your sessions. If your machine is at work or at a school then monitoring your online activities is pretty simple and with a software your desktop can be “watched” without you being even aware of that.

You should know that most wi-fi hotspots are unsecured and can be very easily be “tapped”, if you need to learn more on how secure your wireless network then follow this link. One more step that you can take no matter what network you are on is to get yourself a good firewall like the COMODO’S Award-Winning Firewall.

Free desktop calendar, planner, and to-do software

If you need to get your life in order, and if you want to make sure that you never forget a birthday, important meeting, or (oh, boy) your wedding anniversary, then all you need is a free desktop calendar.

Your first free option is of course the Google calendar which you can use to keep track of all your life’s important events and dates.

Another free program that you can download and install on your desktop is the Free Desktop Calendar & Personal Planner from