Windows 7 hide desktop icons

If you want a clean looking desktop you can easily hide the desktop icons in Windows 7. Simply right click on an empty space on your desktop, then click View and after that select or deselect Show desktop icons.

Windows 7 how to change background

In order to change the background in Windows 7 right click on an empty space on your desktop and select Personalize. After that click Desktop Background, select the one that you like and click the Save Changes button.

If you hold down the control key you can select more than one background picture and choose how often your background picture changes from the drop-down menu and if you want the pictures shuffled.

Windows 7 what is XP mode

If you are running a computer with Windows 7, installing the Windows XP Mode will allow you to run applications that were working fine on Windows XP, but are not compatible with Windows 7.

In order to install Windows XP Mode you need to be running Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate. The XP mode, in fact, requires two separate downloads and installation – you need to download and install Windows XP mode and Windows Virtual PC.

Once installed, you can launch the Windows XO mode from the Start menu on Windows 7 and then install or run an application just like you would on a normal, physical computer.

You can download Windows XP mode from Microsoft’s web site.

Windows 7 how to find mac address

The easiest way to find the mac address in Windows 7 is by using the getmac command. Click on the start button, type cmd in the search box and press Enter.

In the command window type getmac and press Enter.

The first group of 12 digits, divided in six groups of two digits each is your mac address. You can also use the ipconfig/all command the same way in order to determine your mac address.

How do I delete history?

How do I delete history?

How do I delete history in Internet Explorer?
How do I delete history in Firefox?

These are two very commonly asked questions and I will show you how to delete history in the latest (at the time of this writing) versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

How do I delete history in Internet Explorer 8?

Launch Internet Explorer 8 and click on Safety from the drop-down menu and then click on Delete Browsing History. When the Delete Browsing History window opens, select the desired options and click the Delete Button.

How do I delete history in Firefox 3.6.2?

Launch Firefox 3.6.2 and click Tools then Options. Open the Privacy tab and click on the Clear you recent history link. Once the new window opens select the desired options and the timeframe from the drop-down menu and then click the Clear now button.

How do I show hidden files in Windows 7

In order to view hidden files in Windows Explorer click on Organize and then on Folder and search options.

When the Folder Options window comes up, open the View tab and select Show hidden files, folders and drives, click the Apply to Folders button, click Yes and then OK.

Windows 7 Documents and Settings is not accessible Access denied

When you navigate to your Documents and Settings folder in Windows 7 and try to inspect its contents, you are likely to encounter the following message:
C:\Documents and Settings is not accessible Access denied

Why is this happening? Well, just like with Vista, this folder is simply a “virtual link” (or a symlink) and not a real folder. In Windows 7, you are most likely to find what you are looking for under the “Users” folder.