Cannot delete file: It is being used by another person or program

The messgae comes in a few more different flavours but it boils down to the same thing – you can not delete, move, or rename the file.

Try the following steps – wait a few minutes and try again. It could be that the program that is using the files is still busy closing down. Close all the running programs and try again and if that doesn’t help either then reboot your PC in safe mode and you should have no problem deleteing your file.

There is even simpler and more elegant solution – download unlocker – a tiny program that will help you deal with the problem. After downloading and installing the program right click on the file and choose unlocker, if you see the message No locking action found then you can choose No action, Delete, Rename or Move form the drop-down menu. If the unlocker founds the program that is using your file then you have the options to kill the process, to unlock the file from the process without killing the process or to unlock all processes locking the file without killing the processes. It is usually safer to choose either the second or the third option.