How do I install a digital camera to my computer?

The first thing you should try is simply plug it in and see if it gets recognized. If it is then you work with it just like you would work with an external hard drive, you can copy and past images and files, delete file, etc.

If you get a message which says “hard drive not recognized” then you should find the CD that came with the digital camera, insert it into your computer’s CD ROM and install all the necessary software.

If you don’t have the CD then you need to find a driver for your digital camera. Simply search on Google for a driver for you particular digital camera model or visit the manufacturers’s site.

How do I move a program from my harddrive an external harddrive?

If you want to move a program from your hard drive to an external hard drive your best option is to uninstall the program and then install it on the external hard drive. Make sure to choose custom when prompted for the installation directory and choose you external hard drive folder.

If you try to directly copy all your files from your hard drive to the external hard drive in most cases the program will not function since the registry and other settings will still be pointing to the original hard drive path.