Can my computer be monitored when connecting to a network?

Well, the simple answer is yes.

It is possible in almost any network to log your sessions. If your machine is at work or at a school then monitoring your online activities is pretty simple and with a software your desktop can be “watched” without you being even aware of that.

You should know that most wi-fi hotspots are unsecured and can be very easily be “tapped”, if you need to learn more on how secure your wireless network then follow this link. One more step that you can take no matter what network you are on is to get yourself a good firewall like the COMODO’S Award-Winning Firewall.

How can I share Internet connection?

Lets say you have two computers and one of them is connected to the Net but the second one isn’t. What is it that you can do to connect the second computer as well?

Well, your first option is buying a router, routers aren’t that expensive any more and they are quite easy to use.

Your second option is to use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Now this option has its drawbacks – first of all your second computer will be connected to the Internet only if your first computer is powered on. Then the speed might not be as good as if you use a router. And last of all it isn’t that straightforward to set up and it might give you a few headaches.

But if this is the route you want to choose please read all about it:
ICS for Windows XP
ICS for Windows Vista

How can I access my home computer from my work computer

In order to gain access to your home computer this is what you need:

1. Your home computer must be turned on.
2. Your home computer must be connected to the Internet.
3. You must know your home computer IP address: you can open command prompt and type ipconfig /all then press Enter.
4. You must have Remote Desktop Connection client software on the home computer (it comes free with Windows XP and Windows Vista) – how to setup the home computer (the client):
Windows XP remote desktop

Once this is all done then you can make a remote desktop connection between the two computers. Please note that if you have a router at home it should be set to allow remote Desktop connection.