How to make a complete copy of your harddrive including your OS

If you need to make a full copy of your hard drive, including your operating system, and all your personal files and settings than you can use one of the disk imaging software like Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image.

In fact Acronis True Image offers a free trial which you can use to back up your system and in case of a hard drive failure or other disastrous event, you can recover all your files and programs.

What is a normal temerature for a hard drive?

How do I find what my hard drive temperature is? If you want to find out what your hard drive temperature is you can download a free diagnostic tool named Everest Home Edition.

Once you download and install it, click on the plus sign next to Computer on the left, then double click Sensor.

On the right panel you’ll see your motherboard temperature, CPU(s) temperature, and hard drives(s) temperature.

In most cases your hard drive temperature should be around 32 Celsius (90 Fahrenheit), if it’s a few degrees more then you still have nothing to worry, again please check your hard drive manufacturer’s site for more information.

Computer is making grinding noise

If your computer is making grinding noise it is most likely that you have problem with some of your fans or hard drive.

Usually your computer has a CPU fan, power supply fan (case fan) and video card fan, you should ask a technician to open your computer case and inspect those. If they are all ok then it is very likely that your hard rive is failing. First thing you should do in that case is to back up all your important files. Once that is done please free some space on your hard drive and defrag it. If possible replace to avoid loss of files and programs.