Is Avast a virus

Is Avast a virus?

When choosing a good antivirus program, several factors matter and some of them are listed below:
- Detection score
- Successful threat elimination
- Level of interference with your normal workflow
- Amount of computer resources that the program uses
- Cost
- Usability
- Help and support

Avast scores 10 out of 10 on many of these points, but it is also a program that will CRIPPLE your workflow. If you are using your computer to browse tens or even hundreds of websites daily, if you are running numerous software programs, and if you are doing anything else besides opening your email once a week, then you should probably look somewhere else.

Avast is a program, which interrupts your workflow sometimes hundreds of times in a single day by blocking legit software programs that you are trying to use, blowing pop ups in your face, and even CLOSING YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. Now, you would think that nobody in their right mind would create an antivirus that closes your Internet connection without a single warning, yet the creators of Avast thought that this would be perfectly fine.

The very first time I installed Avast Free on my computer, I started losing my connection at least two-three times per hour. I spent hours rebooting my modem, calling my ISP, installing firmware, searching for viruses and malware, and trying to figure out what the problem was. It turns out Avast cuts off your Internet connection as soon as it detects a virus or any other malicious threat – just like that! Wow! This is awesome, isn’t it? What better way to protect your computer from threats that disconnect it from the Internet?!?

Is Avast a virus? No, it is not, but it sure pops a lot of pop ups in your face. If you think that pop ups are cool, then you definitely need to get Avast. Unfortunately, the program starts with popping only one of them every thirty minutes or so, but do not despair, with time their number grows and they get bigger and better. Of course, there is the magic Silent / Gaming mode – all you need to do in order to get rid of the pop ups once and for all is turn the Silent / Gaming mode of Avast on, right? Not so fast! You can turn it on all you want, it turns itself off automatically 30 minutes later, and then you get hit with the pop ups again and again ….. and again.

is avast a virus

Is Avast a virus? Well, probably not, but it sure doesn’t like any other program that you are using. Every time you are trying to launch a perfectly harmless software, it gets blocked by Avast by default – nice! Well, you might think that all you need to do is open the program “normally” once and ask Avast to remember your selection and never bother you again. Good in theory, not so good when you are trying to run your program and nothing happens; it turns out that Avast really dislikes many of the programs that I use and locks them deep into its vault, and if you don’t know where to look, there goes another hour trying to figure out what went wrong.

In their desire to build the best and most secure antivirus program, the creators of Avast have created a monster, which would choke your Internet connection, kill all your programs, and even unplug your computer (not yet, but they are probably working on it) as soon as a threat, real or perceived, is spotted in a 1000-miles radius.