Mouse without borders

Mouse without borders – after Windows 7 and Security Essentials, the little Mouse without borders is the 3rd most awesome product that MS has released.

What is Mouse without borders? It is a little program, which allows you to use two computers with one mouse and keyboard; in fact, you can use one keyboard and mouse to control up to four different computers, as long as they are connected in a network.

What is even more exciting is that you can easily drag and drop files (only one file at a time) from one computer to another, so you no longer have to use flash drives just to copy a single file. In addition, if you want to drag more than one file at a time, simply zip all the files that you want to move, drag them across the screens and drop them. The little drawback here is that the files always land in a special MouseWithoutBorders folder, but then you can move them to a folder of your choice easily.

How to set up Mouse without borders:

Download the program to your main computer and run it – the program will generate a security code for you. After that, install the program on the second (third and fourth) computers and use the same security code. You can easily add or remove a computer from Mouse without borders – right click on the program’s icon, select settings, and then simply tick / un-tick the little checkbox next to the computer name.

Mouse without borders drawbacks – as awesome as the program is, it has its drawbacks. Often, the “connection” between the computer drops and you will need to either restart the program (which resolves most of the issues) or look for other solutions. Some users have reported that using the computer IPs instead of the computer names solves most of these issues as well. The other little drawback is the fact that you can only drag & drop a single file (if you try to drag two or more files nothing happens), and you cannot choose the destination folder of the copied file.

Conclusion – Mouse without borders is free and can easily replace a KVM switch, not to mention that is has added functionality. It is easy to install and use, and if you work on two, three, or four networked computers, it can greatly increase your productivity!