Smart Fortress how do I remove Smart Fortress

What is smart fortress?

Smart fortress or smart fortress 2012 is a rogue (fake) anti-virus program, which issues fake virus warnings and system messages.

How do I remove smart fortress?

Quick Fix

(does not work for everyone)

Start the task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and open the Processes tab.

Find a process [random_numbers_and_letters].exe (for example ht56TGRr54ff766.exe) and close it.

Download MalwareBites Anti-Malware Free, install it and update it. Then, run a quick scan, remove the infected files, and follow by full scan to make sure that there are no traces of Smart Fortress left.

Complete Fix

Depending on the version of Smart Fortress, it might block various websites and even prevent you from running legit .exe files. In that case, the quick fix will not work, so follow these steps:

1. Reboot your computer and start Windows in safe mode by repeatedly pressing the F8 key after you hear the first beep. The Windows Advanced Option menu will open, so choose “Safe mode with networking” and press Enter.

2. Logon as administrator and once in safe mode download the fix.exe program from one of the following locations:

Install the program. If you cannot install the program on your computer for some reason, then you would have to save it on a flash drive. Now log off from the administrator account and login with your normal Windows account (the one that was infected with Smart Fortress). Run Fix.Exec.exe and wait until it finishes.

IMPORTANT – if you cannot access some or most web sites, then you need to change the Proxy settings in your browser as they have been modified by the rogue anti-virus. If you are using Internet Explorer, then open Internet Options -> Connections tab -> LAN Settings and make sure that “Use a proxy server for your LAN….” is un-checked.

3. Download MalwareBites Anti-Malware Free, install the program and update it. After that, run a quick scan, remove the infected files, then run a full scan (note, this could take quite some time, so be patient). At the end of the scan, click the Show Results button and remove all infected files.

4. Reboot your computer.