System Restore in Windows 7

When using your Windows 7 PC your experience for the most part will be an enjoyable one; however, there are occasions when something can go wrong, maybe with an app, a driver, or registry problem affecting your computer. Any such problem can make your computer unstable and stop it from functioning as you are used to. In these circumstances you may need to call upon the System Restore tool to save the day.

What is System Restore?

Most of the serious problems in Windows are caused by issues with the Windows Registry, DLL files and device drivers. System Restore is a tool that helps you restore your computers system files to a pre-determined earlier point in time.

System Restore will use what is known as “System Protection” to create and save regular restore points on your computer. These points will include key information about registry settings and other Windows systems. Using the System Restore tool will help you to take your computer back to another day when everything worked correctly and lets you undo any changes to your system without affecting any of your personal files, such as documents, emails, photos, and music.

Using System Restore

System Restore has been an integral feature of every Windows operating system and in Windows 7, using the tool has been made easier than ever. The System Restore method is a simple process and can be carried out by even beginner users of Windows 7 by following these simple steps:

1) Click Start and type system restore into the search box. From there, select the System Restore option from the list of answers; this will open the System Restore menu.

2) The System Restore wizard will provide you with a recommended restore point. It is always wise to choose this option; however, you may wish to click on “Choose a different restore point” which will provide you with a list of dates to choose from.

3) Once you have selected a restore point, Windows will give a notice telling you that a system restore cannot be stopped once started. Click on “Yes” if you wish to proceed. Windows will then start the restore and will reboot your computer once complete.

4) Your computer will be restored to the selected point in time and should be in full working order.

The benefits of System Restore are often overlooked and this tool is essential for maintaining the health of your computer. If something bad happens to your PC, you can almost always rely on System Restore to bail you out.