Top Windows 7 Gadgets

With Microsoft paving the way for the new Windows 8 operating system, there has been a lack of support for some of the gadgets available in Windows 7. While there used to be a good range of great desktop gadgets for users that were interested in them, the list has diminished somewhat; however, there are still some pretty useful gadgets out there for Windows 7 users to enjoy and make the most of. Let’s take a look at some of the best:

Clipboard Manager

If you have certain text that you tend to type a lot, Clipboard Manager is very useful indeed. This gadget lets you store words and phrases that you use on a regular basis so that you can access and insert them whenever needed – no need to retype. Big words that are notoriously hard to spell such as “psychology” can be saved and used whenever – great for college and university papers.

System Monitor

This is one of the best gadgets on Windows 7 and provides you with key information on what your computer is doing. There is nothing fancy or flash going on with System Monitor, just simple, easy to read information about your system.

Mail Preview

If you have multiple email accounts (as so many of us do), and don’t already use a desktop email client, you are required to go online and check your various inboxes. Mail Preview is a handy gadget that notifies you of new email coming in and lets you set up numerous email accounts. The small gadget has been designed to look like a Windows Phone app, making it compact and very easy to read.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

This is one of the best gadgets available for Windows 7 laptops, providing you with a wealth of info from a small radar in the corner of your screen. The gadget can be expanded to a full-screen size where you can receive in depth information about your Wi-Fi connection.

HTC Home

Android users will be very familiar with the HTC home gadget for Windows 7, as it is much the same as the Android clock and weather app on the home screen of HTC phones. This gadget is a great alternative to the basic clock provided in Windows 7 and provides the time in different clock styles as well as a five day weather summary.


We are all fond of the weather, and WeatherBug is the perfect gadget for telling us the forecast. This gadget is a commonly used app on the iPhone, and provides you with more information about the weather than you probably ever need to know.

Sticky Notes

Post-it notes are a prominent feature on most office desks and Windows 7 has the perfect virtual companion to the paper on pen Post-it. Sticky Notes lets you write a note on the desktop and place right there on the screen as a reminder.

While there might not be as many gadgets as there once was, those listed above prove that there is still plenty to love about Windows 7.