UAC Windows 7

UAC Windows 7 refers to User Account Control and helps in preventing any unauthorized changes to the computer. The controls were introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista operating system and were carried on to Windows 7 operating system. In case any changes are required to be made, UAC would first pop up a message and the computer administrator would need to give permission of the change. These changes are really important and can affect the security of computer in a big way. If you are notified by the UAC about any pending change required in the computer, it is very important that you first read carefully the message on the dialog box before approving the changes. Most of these are generally required for better working of computer; however, there can be a few malicious software which can utilize the entire thing in installing certain unwanted files or making changes in settings. You must be very careful before authenticating the installation.

The Levels of Notification

There are basically three levels of notification when it comes to UAC Windows 7. You can select any one of these by using a slider present in the UAC settings.

Always Notify

This is the most secure UAC Windows 7 setting and notifies you whenever programs or user make a change in the settings of the computer. The light of the monitor is dimmed and you would not be able to work on any other program. Only after your approval the changes would be made and you would be allowed to start working again.

Notification when programs make changes

This setting does not allow any program to make changes to the setting of the computer and administrator’s permission is required. However, a user who is not administrator can make the changes without any kind of notification or permission from the administrator.
Never Notify
In the never notify setting, all the changes in settings are allowed in case you are logged in as administrator. However, if you are logged in as any other user, you or the programs are not allowed to make any kind of changes and the related requests are denied automatically.

How to change the UAC Windows 7 settings?

The UAC Windows 7 settings in windows can be changed by accessing User Account Control Settings. For making the changes, go to system and security tab in the control panel. Click on the link mentioning ‘User Account Control Settings.’ Move the slider to the desired setting. You might need to restart the computer before settings to take effect.